Lost the IMEI number? 4 simple ways to recover on Android

Lost the IMEI number? 4 simple ways to recover on Android

And therefore. You have lost your IMEI number on your Android device due to complicated circumstances.

The IMEI number appears as Null

Now you can not connect to your SIM network.

IMEI numbers are typically used to prevent lost or stolen smartphones. This can be your case as well so I hope this post resolves your problems.

Missing IMEI numbers are a common problem because people do not usually know what they are.

An "Invalid IMEI" usually occurs on Android devices such as HTC, Samsung, and Sony.

The error usually occurs when you install a custom ROM and update your Android device. This is the most common reason.

This can also occur when you manually modify your IMEI.

When this problem occurs, the sim card prevents the network from being recognized and will therefore contain no signal or network. Your device may not be able to recognize your SIM card either.

In this article, I will explain what can happen when you lose an IMEI number and how to retrieve it using 4 simple steps.

How to recover missing IMEI number: 4 steps

You need to customize your IMEI number

Things you'll need for this:

Android Jailbroken.
The rooted Android device is a device that allows you to access its operating system code. It allows you to modify the software and change the process of your phone, and also allows you to install programs that were not allowed by the factory in the first place.

If you want to learn how to use Jailbreak on your Android device, you'll need to see the Digital Directions guide

You'll also need to:

Your machine's IMEI number
You represent problems in yelling because you do not know your IMEI number. Well, read below to find out.

How to retrieve an IMEI number

You can try to find your IMEI in Settings> then about.

Try searching in the box outside your device when you buy it. It can also be on the battery somewhere.

The last thing you can try to do is call this number at # * # # # Student

Download the MTK Engineering Mode application

Step 1: You'll need to go to the google play store on your device and download the MTK Engineering Mode application.

Step 2: Go to Contact> Click on the CDS information now.

Step 3: When in CDS, press Radio Information

How to lose the number of imei

Step 4: Click the Phone 1 option and enter the following numbers in the box: AT + EGMR = 1,7, "Your IMEI Number". (Without quotation marks and full stop).

Step 5: After you finish, you can click Send AT Command.

Step 6: Now, you will need to restart your device by pressing and holding the Power button while pressing the Volume Down button. Continue for 3-4 seconds until the screen turns black. You must return now in a few moments.

If you have a double chip:

Step 1: If you have a dual-slide device, you will need to go to the MTK Engineering application and choose Now Phone 2 and enter the following: AT + EMGR = 1,10, "Your IMEI Number". (Without quotes and the last full stop)

Step 2: Once you have done this you will need to send the command. Now restart your device as in step 6 above.

You should see the network as soon as you're done.

NOTE: If you find that this is not working, you can try to place a space after AT i.e AT + EMGR. Do this instead of putting AT + EMGR.

If this method does not work for you, you'll need to go to the next solution.

Try installing the IMEI application for backup
Things you'll need for this:

Your IMEI number.
Root access
You will need to install the MTK Mobile tool. Do this on your computer just by clicking the Download link.
You will also need to install the Mobile Uncle tools. (Do this on your Android device).

Once all this is done, you can now proceed and follow the steps to restore the missing IMEI number.

First, open the MTK utility that may be at the bottom of the screen if you are using Windows 10. If not, go to File Explorer.

Now type in command Y and press enter
Place your IMEI number and confirm it by pressing the Enter button.
Now you will have to repeat step 2.
You will now need to create an IMEI.bak file and then copy it to your device's storage.
Open the Mobile Uncle application, click IMEI Backup, and then restart the .bak file

Once you do this, you will need to restart your device by pressing the power button while pressing the Volume Down button. You must turn off your device and restart it in seconds.

Your network should now start appearing. If you do not go to the following costume.

Try using your device code
If you have a Samsung device, this might work better for you. However, this method will work on other devices as well.