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Utrecht Excellence Scholarships (2018)

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships (2018)


To participate in a Utrecht Excellence Scholarship, you must

  • Be among the top 10% of your graduating class
  • Holder of a non-EU / EEA passport and no assistance under the Dutch scheme of study grants and loans
  • Have you completed your secondary and / or bachelor’s degree outside the Netherlands
  • Have you applied for an international masters program with a start date on September 1, 2018? Not all programs participate, please check www.uu.nl/masters> Master Program> Tuition Fees and Financial Support to see if the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is mentioned a scholarship option

Scholarship Fee

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship can be awarded as:

  • training costs
  • Tuition plus 11,000 euros living expenses
    Since the grant is not automatically a full scholarship, it may be necessary to find additional funds to finance your studies and stay complete. Students in the Netherlands who need a residence permit must prove to the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Office) that they have sufficient financial resources. Read more about the budget that the university advises.

Number of scholarships

For 2018-2019, 20-25 scholarships will be awarded to the 6 graduate schools.

The scholarship is awarded for the duration of the study, depending on the program one to two years. The scholarship will only be extended for the second year if the student achieves a satisfactory degree.


Prospective students eligible for the scholarship must apply before 1 February (00:00 Dutch time). Your application for a scholarship will only be processed if you have submitted an application for a Master’s program. Please note that in some cases you will need to apply before December 1st. Review the section “When to apply?” under the admission and application of your Master’s program.


Suitable candidates will be selected for a scholarship based on the following criteria:

Academic excellence and promises in the proposed area of ​​study;
The academic quality and the results of previous qualifications, evidenced by proof of belonging to the upper 10% of the class, grades, test results, a writing sample, letters of recommendation;
The quality and relevance of the motivation letter for the Master’s program (academic content, intercultural and communicative skills, personal motivation);
The quality of the application for the Master program itself (completeness, accuracy, consistency).


After submitting an application for the Master’s program, non-EU / EEA students have the opportunity to submit an application for a Utrecht Excellence Scholarship.

You must upload the following document:

  • Proof of affiliation to the top 10% of your graduating class:
    An official document issued by your university that proves that you belong to the top 10% of your graduating class, such as a statement signed and stamped by your university, a letter of reference, a classification certificate, etc.

Please note that students starting their program in February can not participate in the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships.

  • Submit an application for a Masters program; If you do not do this first, your UES application will simply be deleted.
  • After submitting an application for a Master’s program, you can go to  Osiris Online Application.
  • Log in with your Osiris username and password.
  • Click on the ‘New Application’ link.
  • Answer the UES questions and upload the requested documents.
  • Submit your application.

As the scholarship ends on February 1st, you will not be informed if you received the scholarship before that date and not before you were (partially) admitted to the program.


The funds for the scholarships come from the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Fund, which was founded by the University of Utrecht, as well as contributions from the alumni of the University of Utrecht.

Link:  Osiris Online Application.

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