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Law Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarship

The LEG International Talent Scholarship Program (LEG ITS) offers a range of highly talented prospective students the opportunity to earn a degree in one of the English-language masters programs in the Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance.

With this highly selective scholarship program, the faculty seeks to invest and invest in talented international students who have been most successful in their careers. This may be based on their academic quality and the results of previous education or social commitment or career vision of the student. About 15 scholarships are awarded each year.

Criteria for authorization

Suitable candidates will be selected for a scholarship based on the following criteria:

  • The academic quality and the results of the previous training, eg. For example, grades, test results, publications, letters of recommendation;
  • The professional vision of the student, promises in the proposed field of study;
  • The social engagement of the student (eg extracurricular activities)
  • The quality and relevance of the motivation letter;
  • The quality of the application itself (completeness, accuracy, consistency)

To receive this scholarship, students should:

  • have a non-Dutch nationality;
  • have a non-Dutch secondary school diploma;
  • have been admitted to one of the above-mentioned master’s programs;
  • be able to meet the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa, if applicable;If one or more of these criteria are not met, the student is not eligible for this scholarship.

Amount of Award

The scholarship allows students to cover the cost of tuition and part of the cost of living.

  • for students who have to pay the legal tuition fee (mainly EU / EAA students): € 5,000
  • for students who have to pay tuition fees (most non EU / EAA students): € 17,500
    In a two-year Master’s program, the scholarship will only be renewed for the second year if the student achieves satisfactory study progress.

Students should be aware that the scholarship is not a full scholarship and that it may be necessary to find additional funds to finance and fully fund studies. Read more about the budget of the University of Utrecht.

Deadline and Application Procedure

Students eligible for the scholarship must apply for the program before 1 February. There is no separate application for the LEG International Talent Scholarship. An application for a Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is considered an application for a LEG International Talent Scholarship. If you are not applying for a Utrecht Excellent Scholarship (eg, if you are an EU / EEA student), you can apply for the scholarship and send a letter of motivation (including contact details and matriculation number) to scholarships.rebo@uu.nl Applications received after 1 February will not be considered for a scholarship in the Master’s program starting with the next academic year.

The Admissions Committee assesses the eligibility to be nominated with the above criteria of all candidates. Secondly, they will review the application files and make a selection. The students will be informed about the scholarship after they have been (partially) admitted to the master’s program.

General Information: Contact scholarships.rebo@uu.nl

How To Apply:

Information about the admission and application for a Master’s programme of the Faculty of Law Economics and Governance see  ‘Admission and Application’ per programme

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