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Gilman International Students Scholarships 2018

Gilman International Students Scholarships 2018

Benjamin A. Gilman International Student Scholarships

Program Overview

The US State Department’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a scholarship program that allows students with limited financial resources to study or study abroad, thereby acquiring skills critical to our national security and economic prosperity. The Institute for International Education manages the program since its inception in 2001.


Online application that includes the uploading of official transcripts.
Online certifications from the applicant’s foreign study and financial advisor.
Both components must be completed within the deadlines for your application to be accepted. Incomplete or late registrations will not be considered and extensions can not be granted.


The online application is due at the deadline at 23:59 Central Time. The online application system will be closed at this time and no further applications will be accepted. This deadline also includes uploading official transcripts from your current college or university and any transfer facility listed in your application. For detailed instructions on uploading your transcripts, visit our Transcripts page.

We strongly recommend that you submit your application at least one week in advance of the appointment to ensure that you do not miss the deadline due to technical difficulties with your device / network or heavy traffic on the Gilman website. If you have problems or have questions, you also have time to contact the Gilman program during office hours to discuss the deadline.


Before you begin the Gilman Scholarship program, contact the relevant authorities of your home institution to determine the appropriate study abroad and the Financial Advisor to confirm your application. Some institutions designate a special grant or study advisor abroad to authenticate all Gilman scholarship applications.

If your study abroad or financial advisor is not listed in the online application, please contact your advisor and ask him to set up an account in the application system. Gilman employees review your adviser’s account within 2 business days. Once your advisor’s account has been confirmed, you can choose your advisor from a drop-down menu in the online application. Please make sure that your consultant’s name appears in the system in due time before the deadline, as this information is needed to submit an application.

Some institutions require a written approval of the information form before your advisors can confirm your application. Failure to provide your counselor with a written information form, if required by your university, will delay your application.


Once you have submitted your application online, please consult with your advisors to confirm that you have applied. At this point, your consultants must sign up to certify your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application has been approved by both consultants by the date stated above.


The Gilman Applicant Newsletter is a four-volume series sent to applicants during an open application cycle for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. If you are an interested candidate who would like to receive helpful tips and information on completing and submitting your Gilman Scholarship online application, please sign up to access the e-mail list and receive newsletters.

How to Apply: click the link below

Gilman Scholarship Online Application

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