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Commonwealth Shared Scholarships – Offers for UK Universities, 2018

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships – Offers for UK Universities, 2018

Commonwealth shared scholarships – offers for UK universities (2018), are for candidates from the least-developed Commonwealth low- and middle-income countries, for full-time Masters degree programs at selected courses supported jointly by UK universities.

Funded by the UK Department of International Development (DFID), Commonwealth Shared Scholarships – offers for UK universities (2018) enable talented and motivated individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for sustainable development, and are aimed at those who are not studying in the UK can afford. These scholarships are offered under six topics:

  • Science and technology for development
  • Strengthening health systems and capacities
  • Promoting global prosperity
  • Strengthening peace, security and governance
  • Strengthening resilience and response to crises
  • Access, inclusion and opportunity

Purpose: Commonwealth shared scholarships – offers for UK universities 2018 was established to contribute to the development needs of the Commonwealth countries by training qualified and qualified professionals and academics who otherwise would not have been able to study in the United Kingdom.

Intended beneficiaries: Highly qualified doctoral candidates who have not previously studied abroad, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom, and who have the potential to improve the development of their home countries with their acquired knowledge and leadership skills.

British universities are invited to apply for up to ten Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scholarships offered in 2018-2019.

Terms and Conditions

For Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, the University is responsible for:

  • Recruit candidates and nominate
  • Ensure nominated candidates meet the eligibility criteria specified in the Tender Guidelines
  • Paid a scholarship to Shared Scholars at prices set by the UK Government
  • Taking care of the wellbeing of Shared Scholars as they receive awards

The CSC is responsible for:

  • Tuition fees (abroad over a maximum of £ 22,500)
  • Payment for return flights to the UK
  • Pay a study grant

For a list of eligible countries, see Commonwealth Shared Grants 2018 – Guidelines for University Grants

How to Apply

Applications can only be submitted by UK universities.

Tenders must be submitted using the Electronic Application System (EAS) of the CSC. Information about using the EAS 

How to access the EAS

Any questions?
If you are a UK resident and have questions about Commonwealth Shared Scholarships or the university’s application process, please visit the CSC Secretariat at shared.scholarships@cscuk.org.uk or 020 7380 6751.

General requests to apply for Commonwealth Scholarships or FILOWShips sent to this e-mail address will not be answered. Please use the contact form.

Please note that the CSC does not require candidates to apply for a scholarship or fellowship through its Electronic Application System (EAS) and does not charge any fees for nominating female candidates.


Click the link below to visit official website

Scholarships Link

See Also: Electronic Application System (EAS)

All applications for scholarships or scholarships from the Commonwealth in the UK should be made through our electronic application system (EAS).

These pages contain information for:


Citizens of Commonwealth countries who wish to apply for Commonwealth scholarships or film-shows

Nomination of Agencies

Organizations invited to recommend one or more applicants or to apply for funding for scholarships or Commonwealth scholarships.

A nomination agency can be:

  1. a national agency (such as a Ministry of Education or a University Grants Commission)
  2. a university in a Commonwealth country
  3. a UK organization (eg, an NHS trust or charity)
  4. a department of a British organization (eg the neurology department of an NHS Trust)
  5. a British university
  6. a department of a British university

Some nominating agencies may recommend candidates through a national organization and not directly to the CSC (for example, a Commonwealth University recommends candidates for a University Grants Commission who then decides who to nominate to the CSC).

Persons nominated by a nomination body to comment on and give advice on the quality of one or more applications

Persons asked by an applicant to provide a note supporting their application

Potential Supervisors
Academics at UK universities who could supervise the proposed doctoral thesis of one or more applicants

For Further Enquiry: Click the link below


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